Thursday, January 26, 2012

The dinosaur beanie

After learning to crochet, I tended to focus on simple patterns like scarves.  Now that I am finally a bit more comfortable in my crochet skill and ability to read patterns, I decided it was time to make something for Liam.  While scrolling through on Pinterest I saw a link to a crochet monster hat and decided to check it out.   Once on the site, I found a tutorial for making dinosaur spikes (Liam is slightly obsessed with dinosaurs).  Here is the site for the spikes:  The Boy Trifecta (totally awesome blog, by the way).  Once I showed Liam the dinosaur hat idea, he flipped out and demanded it have spikes and stripes and eyes and a nose.  I wasn't quite up for that, but I agreed hoping he would forget about it once he saw the finished product.  I decided to search (an awesome site for knitters and crocheters) for the perfect beanie pattern.  I found it here:  Ravelry - Brr Baby Beanie  The best part is, the pattern was free :)  I made the beanie and added a lime green edge to the entire beanie using a simple single crochet.  Then I made 5 spikes using the pattern (although I stopped at round five so the spikes were smaller).  I attached the spikes and voila!  Liam put the hat on and transformed into a roaring dinosaur.  He wore it to school today and was quite proud.  


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  1. This is SO cute!! My boys were completely obsessed with dinosaurs, too! They would have LOVED this!