Thursday, January 26, 2012

School Days

Liam is officially a pre-schooler!  Before we moved to Kansas I decided I would keep Liam home until Kindergarten,  partly because of how expensive preschool is and partly because I am a former preschool teacher and love being with my boy.  He is a very smart little guy and loves to learn, which is really fun for me.  He also loves to be around other kids, but seems to do much better around older kids than kids his own age.  Once we moved to Kansas,  we noticed Liam was having a tough time when we had play dates with kids his own age and was moving rapidly into a "it's mine" phase.  We heard from a friend that there was a preschool here in town that was twice a week in the mornings and we were beyond excited for Liam to get a chance to socialize, learn, and have fun.  We also learned that Liam had to be potty trained and within 2 weeks he was ready to go (gotta say, I was in shock at how quickly the boy did this, overnight and all).  School started this month and Liam loves it.  Honestly, the hardest part of Tuesday and Thursday is trying to convince him school is over and it is time to go home.  He comes home babbling on about his friends and show and tell and the good-bye song.  He lets us know that he doesn't like to share (no surprise here) and that he loves to play with the trucks.  He assures us he is listening to his teacher (hopefully) and he can't wait for the next birthday party so he can have more cupcakes.  Thank you to his teacher Jana for making his school days so much fun :)  It is a wonderful feeling to watch your baby growing up and loving life.

Here he is on his second day of school.

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