Monday, February 13, 2012

Star Wars Valentines

Tomorrow is Liam's Valentine's Day Party at school and he wanted to bring his friends some "Cool" Valentines.  Check out what I found while searching for something to whip up!!!  Free Star Wars Valentine Printables!  Liam loves playing with the Light Saber on my phone and as soon as I showed him the idea for his Valentines, he was psyched.  So a couple of nights ago we sat down and put these together while we watched a movie.

I had to make one for each of his classmates and he insisted I make on for him too.  He is very excited to hand these out to his friends tomorrow.  The best part is I only spent $5.00 total to make these!    

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  1. OH, those are SO cute!!! I can just picture Liam getting psyched!!