Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh my.....

Tim, Liam and I just got home from the Barclay College Christmas Pageant (which was wonderful by the way) and I just had to share a funny Liam moment with you.  So here we are, sitting in the stands of the Barclay gym reliving what it must have been like when Christ was born.  We were all enjoying ourselves (Liam about fell over and died when they brought out the 3 live camels) when the lights go out.  It is silent.  Then, loud as thunder we hear the voice of God speaking to His people.  Liam jumps, surprised at the deep loud voice rattling the place.  As any two year old would, he begins asking over and over and over "What's that?...Mommy who said that?....Did you hear that?"  So, I (very quietly) whisper, it's God talking.  Here comes the good part.  Liam's response.... "Oh my God!  Oh my God!  OHHH MY GOD"  Tim and I are frantically trying to get him to quiet down as all of the people around us are giggling. Of course, I start laughing and Tim is trying not to laugh.  It was priceless and mortifying all at once.  I'm still sitting here trying to figure out where in the world he got that from.  We made it through the rest of the show without too much more excitement (thank goodness).  Just gotta say, I love Christmas time and I am thankful that Christ came to save me.  

Liam after we finished decorating the tree.

My sweet boy!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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  1. Oh that's great! Too cute! We'll have to tell Dave Robinson, the MAYM superintendant. He used to be the pastor here and he recorded that around 20 years ago. He makes a great "voice of God", doesn't he? He'd get a real kick out of that. :)