Monday, November 28, 2011

The House

Our house!
The key to our front door (totally not kidding) on our ugly blue countertops.
After a couple of months of thinking I might enjoy blogging, and lots of "encouragement" to keep my family and friends up to date on our house projects *cough* Kelleigh *cough*, I have jumped on board!  So....August of this year we moved from Round Rock, Texas to our new house on Elm Street, Haviland, Kansas.  You might ask yourself why in the world we would leave the wonderful state of Texas and the convenience of driving approximately 90 seconds to reach the outlet mall.  Well, school is the ultimate answer.  My husband Tim is finishing a degree in Bible Theology here at Barclay College (whose students represent about 300 of the 800 people living in Haviland).  I said it was a small town right?  Upon deciding it was the best possible time in our lives to make the move (our little guy Liam is 2 so no school changing issues), we started the hunt for the perfect place to live.  We decided it would be best for us to find a cute house or apartment to rent in town, until we found out that wasn't going to happen.  After some phone calls and emails we learned of the one house for sale in Haviland.  Yep, one.  So trusting that God knew exactly what He was doing we went for it.  It wasn't exactly the ideal house (for me at least) had lime green carpet, blue coutertops, carpet in the kitchen and bathroom, and 4 barns/sheds FULL of stuff.  Now to me that sounds like a lot of long hours and dirty work to get it cute.  To my husband on the other hand it sounded like way too much fun.  Once he knew it came with 2.2 acres, he was sold.  I have warmed up quite a bit.  It is now the end of November and we have put pretty much all of our extra time and money into making the house comfy and cute.  There is still a lot to be done and I am going to post projects we have completed and projects we are working on for your enjoyment.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. How awesome!!! I saved your blog in my Google Reader to stay up to date with the Kansas sect of the Mardock clan!

  2. Eeek! I can't wait to see some pictures and more posts!! I'm definitely subscribing to this blog!! :)

  3. Hi Guys, welcome to the blogosphere. You're reminding me that our blog is in desperate need of an update. Best, Rob & Rachel